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Saddle Fitting

One of the most intuitive fitting processes out there! We utilize pictures and video in motion to insure a great, functional fit for your horse. Once that is complete, we customize to you!

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Custom Saddles

Custom design your own work of art from our many models and options, or scroll down for "in-stock" models that are ready to go!

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Easy online shopping for all your tack and accessory needs! We offer a wide variety of saddle accessories for you and your horse.

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Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles

Handmade, custom-fit western trail saddles and more

Our custom saddles are designed right around you and your horse, built one at a time! Every saddle is individually hand crafted, no production lines and made in the USA. Top quality leather is hand picked from “Wicket & Craig," and our hardware is of only the highest quality brass and stainless steel! These are comfortable, lightweight saddles that are perfect for trail riding and so much more. Our saddles fit even the hardest-to-fit horses, and to give you peace of mind, we offer a 100 percent satisfaction money back guarantee, even on custom-designed saddles.
The Custom Shop
All seats are built custom! You will be asked about what "rise" you prefer, and what width "twist." No worries, we'll chat about it and figure out what is best for you!
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In-Stock & Used Saddles View All
Used western trail saddle

Lightly Used Western Trail

hornless AW

Used Wide AW Western trail

NE bar Renegade Endurance

NE bar Renegade Endurance

df wade

New Cascade Wade

aw wade

AW Bar Cascade Wade

DF bar

Lightly Used DF Bar Western trail

SW Bar Western Trail

SW Bar Western Trail


Lightly used HA bar Western Trail


New PW Cascade Wade

new D bar wade

New D Bar Cascade Wade

New AW Bar Wade

New AW Bar Wade


D Bar Cascade Wade

wide LT

WIDE LT Bar Western Trail

PW wade

Lightly Used PW Bar Cascade Wade


NEW NE Bar Cascade Wade. 16" seat

X bar Kydaho

Used Kydaho Rancher

SW cascade wade

New SW Bar Cascade Wade

HW bar renegade.

Used HW bar Renegade Endurance

Ralide tree saddle

Non - AMTS Amish trail saddle

MT western trail Saddle

New MT bar Western trail

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