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Stinky Stuff Carrier Oil

To use as an effective treatment STINKY STUFF CARRIER OIL must be combined with STINKY STUFF.

STINKY STUFF CARRIER OIL is a 100% natural plant derived oil which contains a rich source of vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin

How to use Stinky Stuff as a rub

To make a rub we recommend mixing STINKY STUFF 50:50 with STINKY STUFF CARRIER OIL or 1:10 if your horse has sensitive skin or if using on sensitive areas eg face, sheath etc.

Please ensure you get the STINKY STUFF rub into the skin not just on the horse's hair i.e.: part the hair/feathers. If your horse has lots of feathers, use bands to tie the feathers apart and massage well into the problem areas so it absorbs into the horse's skin.

You will see an improvement in just a few days. Stinky Stuff is fine to use on broken skin as it will help soothe.

Use STINKY STUFF mixed with STINKY STUFF CARRIER OIL once a day. Your STINKY STUFF rub can also be used 2-3 times per week to create a protective barrier or effective insect repellant.

Use in the evening so can absorb into the skin oils before exposed to strong sunlight

Combining STINKY STUFF with STINKY STUFF CARRIER OIL will also help your STINKY STUFF last much longer whilst ensuring you still get maximum effectiveness from the product.

If any areas become sensitive, wash thoroughly & discontinue use until area is no longer sensitive. Also applying aloe vera regularly will quickly help settle any sensitivity.

IMPORTANT: Use your STINKY STUFF rub as quickly as possible, definitely within eight hours. Once your STINKY STUFF rub is mixed, STINKY STUFF starts breaking down. Always make a fresh STINKY STUFF batch as a rub and only prepare the amount you need.

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